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I was born and grew up in Decatur, Georgia in the 70's. I've lived in Georgia my entire life. Been drawing since I was a little pipsqueak. I used to watch my Dad draw after we ate dinner. I'd sit at his feet and watch him draw everything from Super Heroes to Motorcycles to Basketball Players. I'd try to draw a lot of the same stuff, but of course I sucked at it. He'd critique my drawings for me.


I'd usually get mad and throw it in the trash. He'd make me calm down and try again and again. One night he asked me to try my best at drawing Batman and if he thought it was good enough, he would submit it to be published in a Fanzine (Google it if you don't know what a fanzine is). I just drew a headshot of Batman and it was the best one I ever did at that time. Dad mailed it in (yes, this was before the internet), and a few weeks later the Fanzine was sent to us and there was my artwork of Batmans head on a full page! Dad told me that a bunch of people I didn't even know were probably admiring my artwork. I was hooked!


I wanted to be able to draw as good as all the artists I read in Marvel Comics and DC Comics. I kept practicing and practicing. Every chance I got I was drawing something. Must've been why my grade point average was always so low. Naaah, that's not it. Anyway, so to make a long drawn out boring story short, here I am today.


Married to a wonderfully and encouraging wife and my twin daughters who are grown and have flown the nest already. Just trying to make people smile in my spare time with my artwork, and offering encouragement along the way to the kiddies who take a liking to drawing cartoons.


I have been published before. I drew a full page comic strip for a magazine called JOKESTER. Sadly, the magazine folded after that one issue. I swear it wasn't my fault. Ha!


In 2013 I did some drawing/inking/coloring for Cult-Stuff Card Company. I started drawing for them with 17 Sketch Cards I finished for their "H.G. Wells: War of the Worlds" card series. I've also done some sketch cards for Unpleasant Dreams Card Company based out of the U.K.


In 2016 I did the inking on an indie comic by creator Randyl Bishop named 'The Hawk Of New York'. It was on his 4th issue. The comic turned out great due in part to Gabriel Sentiff who wrote that issue. If anyone is interested in getting a copy for yourself, they are available here on my website at:


I also take requests for Original Art, Con Sketches and Sketch Cards so make sure you check out the "REQUEST A DRAWING" section.

I hope you enjoy my site and most of all I hope you find something you just have to own for yourself by making a purchase of one of my many prints.

Check back often as I add new artwork as time permits.
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Thank You,